Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

Sweeter than chocolate

Manchmal, wenn mein Herz außer sich ist, fließen die Worte leichter auf Englisch.

What I need today
What I need now
is forgiveness.
can do many things,
but chocolate
cannot forgive.

I have lost control
I lost patience
I screamed at my children
and I know that it scared them.
I scared them.

And if I go now
to the kitchen closet
for some chocolate (or more)
I know it will not help
because chocolate
cannot forgive.

So, instead of chocolate
I will seek grace today,
go back to the beginning again
Climb up the hill
where my Savior died for me.
With an empty mouth
with empty hands
and my heart, so heavy and burdened,
He will take me in his arms.

So I lift my eyes up to the hill
with the cross,
where my help comes from
and receive
- not chocolate –
but something so much sweeter.

I open my mouth
for a word of healing
and taste
As he feeds me love
and grace
I find comfort
not in chocolate.

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